About Us

CySkills builds on TCecure’s long history of training and education as a company and through our technical experience. CySkills is high-impact cybersecurity training that reduces prerequisite knowledge, reduces in-classroom time, and increases retention. The CySkills approach is centered on the theory that training, education, and exercise initiatives can be greatly enhanced by the synergistic application of functional skill drills and exercises that leverage various designs and technologies and are derived from real-world cybersecurity operations, attacks, and threats.

Our Story

TCecure has provided cyber training to clients since our inception as a company. Our training roots began with live online and in-person training. With our extensive experience, and number of cyber training engagements, we noticed that our clients often have interest in the same or similar course topics. Based on this, we decided to provide courses on-demand so our clients and other learners get cyber training at an even greater convenience. CySkills provides the same quality and practical exercises we have been providing for years. We are on a mission to fight cybercrime and protect growth oriented individuals and organizations through training. We are still in the business of live online and in-person courses, so certainly reach out to us at sales@tcecure.com if you have an interest in these types, and now, in addition to these training types, you can get training on-demand! We look forward to "seeing" you here on CySkills, and meeting your cyber training needs!

Meet Our Lead Instructors

Tina Williams-Koroma

Tina C. Williams-Koroma, Esq., CISSP, PMP, is founder and President of TCecure LLC, a cybersecurity risk management services company headquartered in Maryland. She is a Maryland licensed attorney, and possesses a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC), a M.S. in Management from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and a J.D. from the University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law.  Ms. Williams-Koroma has multiple Board affiliations: Technology Development Corporation (TEDCO) (member and officer), UMBC Research Park (member), Baltimore County Department of Economic and Workforce Development (member), and is an Adjunct Instructor for UMBC’s Graduate Cybersecurity program. Ms. Williams-Koroma served as the Cybersecurity Academic Innovation Officer for the National Cybersecurity FFRDC (sponsored by NIST) from 2017-2019.

We look forward to expanding our work with academic institutions to enhance our data-driven approach to training.

Tim Davis

Mr. Davis is an accomplished Information Technology professional with over 10 years experience as a Government Contractor. He currently has had a CompTIA Security+ certification for over 5 years. He achieved his Bachelor’s of Science degree in Cognitive Science from the University of California, San Diego. He is well-versed in the Joint Special Access Program (SAP) Implementation Guide (JSIG), which is based on NIST SP 800-53. He has served in roles supporting the government customer as a Database Developer, Systems Administrator, and Information Systems Security Officer. He has participated in formal system accreditation (A&A) processes, and written System Security Plans (SSPs), Security Assessment Plans (SAPs), and aided Security Control Assessors (SCAs).

Quana Frost​

Quana Frost has always been intrigued by information technology (IT), a passion that has fueled her pursuit of knowledge as well as her career path. “Being the imaginative child that I was, I was never satisfied with just the surface level explanation of ‘how things worked’. I wanted to know how, what, who, and when. After my first introduction to computers, I felt that there was limitless potential to what I could actually make computers do,” she reflects.

Her professional roles have ranged from software engineer to security team lead to information systems security engineer, but throughout her career she has always focused on applying her knowledge and expertise to keeping the U.S. safe from adversaries.  “The work that I do is critical to our national security.  Striving for excellence ensures that I am doing my part in protecting our nation,” says Quana. Threats to our national security will be perpetual; hence, there will always be a need to be at least one step ahead of our adversaries. This requires us to be innovative, to constantly learn, and to be the necessary change to keep our country protected. These things, inherently, push us to be excellent and the recognition for them marks that achievement.

Cory A. Mazzola

Cory A. Mazzola, MSIA, CISSP, C-CISO, GIAC-GPEN is an experienced trainer, consultant, advisor, and global executive with over 23 years of experience leading global technology programs, directing cross-functional teams, and developing enterprise risk management strategies for multinational organizations. He is an accomplished board member, industry chair, security leader and key advisor for the federal government, Department of Defense, and private industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I am really enjoying my CySkills course. Is there a discount for continuing on to another course?

We are glad that you are enjoying our courses! We are looking into offering discounts for our repeat learners in the future. Please join our mailing list, and check back here on our website for more information about individual course discounts in the future.
Which courses should I take?

CySkills offers free and paid courses. We recommend you get started with one of our free courses to experience the level of quality and clarity we offer with our courses. If you are completely new to cybersecurity, we recommend you begin with our Cybersecurity 101 course. You may also choose to begin with a course more directly related to your job function. You may find that some courses are more effective when taken in a certain sequence, but none of the courses have prerequisites. Use each course description to determine your fit. Consider how our courses offer specific skills and knowledge that can enable you to meet your goals. If you are unsure, please use our Contact page to reach out to us. Our trained staff can consult with you to help you make the right choice.
Who is CySkills' target audience?

CySkills offers online courses designed largely for professionals serving in non-technical capacities as executives, owners, managers, and other leadership roles, with varying levels of expertise and experience in cybersecurity, and for aspiring cybersecurity professionals. However, all are welcome!
Is there a discount for my entire team or for multiple courses?

We are glad that you are enjoying our courses! We do offer discounts for groups of 10 or more. Please contact us at sales@tcecure.com to learn more about group discounts.
How do I refer a future CySkills course to a colleague?

Thank you for spreading the word about CySkills! You can share our website (Cyskills.com) with your colleagues, and encourage them to sign-up/subscribe to our mailing list to get information about current and upcoming courses.

Thank you for spreading the word about CySkills!
Please share our page (Cyskills.com), and sign-up/subscribe to our mailing list to receive all of our latest updates!