About Us

At CySkills, our data driven approach to training, education, and exercises puts small businesses and the public sector agencies that support hem in the position to better protect their assets and customers from a cyber-attack. The CySkills approach includes developing and offering courses that serve to mitigate specific cyber threats and while CySkills is affiliated with renown academic institution. The CySkills course offerings prioritize delivering the type of actionable education critical infrastructure owner operators and small business owners need to prevent, mitigate, respond and recover from a cyber attack or breach.

The CySkills Difference

CySkills educates and trains at the speed of cyber threats. Our senior administrative staff leverage a proven proprietary data driven approach that synchronizes CySkills instructional design and course facilitation process with pace of the threat environment. As new cyber threats emerge, CySkills develops and offers the means to defend against them. Our project to develop and lead multiple DHS critical infrastructure protection training programs. Our forte is developing innovative technology-enhanced courses based on standard instructional design methods. We combine world-class subject matter expertise, gaming technology, virtual/augmented reality capabilities, curricula grounded in case studies, and DHS vetted cyber incidents to deliver training services complete with quantifiable knowledge retention metrics. CySkills facilitates training, education and exercise services in classrooms, online, live webinars, and via mobile app. Our efforts are aligned with the ACM IEEE standards for cybersecurity education. The CySkills approach instructs students on how to be cyber safe from the actual real-life cyber threats and we take into account the business processes, risks and operating environments of specific sectors sub sectors and communities of interest.

CySkills Administrators and advisors have developed and facilitated national courses and exercises for fed, state and local agencies to include but not limited to The Department of homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management agency, The Department of Transportation, Customs and Border Patrol and multiple US intelligence agencies. CySkills is recognized as an approved training institute by the National Cyber Security Society, A national organization that focuses on the cyber security needs of small business across the United States. Academic affiliations include The University System of Maryland, University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) training Centers and the National Cyber Security Society.


CySkills is a service of TCecure LLC, a Maryland-based cybersecurity services company, providing security architecture and engineering, software assurance, assessments, training, and consulting to public sector and commercial clients, with a presence in multiple states.  Our focused services, mature infrastructure, and agility enable us to provide expertise, flexibility, and custom delivery to our clients.  TCecure is also a Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB), a Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB), a Maryland Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)/Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)/Small Business Enterprise (SBE), and a New York State MBE/Women Business Enterprise (WBE), and a Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) Local Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (LDBE).

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Our Administrators

Tina Williams-Koroma, President & CEO

Tina C. Williams-Koroma – Esq., CISSP, PMP, is founder and President of TCecure LLC, a cybersecurity risk management services company headquartered in Maryland. She is a Maryland licensed attorney, and possesses a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC), a M.S. in Management from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and a J.D. from the University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law. Ms. Williams-Koroma has multiple Board affiliations: Technology Development Corporation (TEDCO) (member and officer), UMBC Research Park (member), Baltimore County Department of Economic and Workforce Development (member), and is an Adjunct Instructor for UMBC’s Graduate Cybersecurity program. Ms. Williams-Koroma also served as the Cybersecurity Academic Innovation Officer for the National Cybersecurity FFRDC (sponsored by NIST) from 2017-2019.

Prior to establishing TCecure, Ms. Williams-Koroma started her career at Lockheed Martin as a software developer in the Information Systems Leadership Development Program (ISLDP). Her last position at Lockheed was a Corporate Internal Auditor in the Business Leadership Development Program (BLDP).

Ms. Williams-Koroma transitioned from Lockheed to Unisys where she graduated from the Leadership Excellence Acceleration Program (LEAP), and served in several technical, management, and leadership capacities, to include her last position as an Engagement Manager in the Justice, Courts, and Corrections practice. Throughout her time at Unisys, Ms. Williams-Koroma provided security architecture, engineering, testing, risk management, and several other related services to Federal clients in the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and the State of New York.

After several years with Unisys, Ms. Williams-Koroma transitioned to Dependable Global Solutions, Inc. (DGS), and as Vice President of its Civilian Division, led the Division to experience exponential growth in its number of clients, staff, and revenue. Ms. Williams-Koroma continued to provide direct client support in the form of security consulting, but largely focused on business development, capture management, and division growth.

Ms. Williams-Koroma also provided legal research support to the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development (DBED) and the Maryland Center for Health and Homeland Security (MD CHHS) during her part-time law school tenure, while working full-time for Unisys and DGS.

Don L. Rondeau, Senior Advisor

Don L. Rondeau is TCecure’s Senior Advisor, focusing on Critical Infrastructure Protection; anti-terrorism programs; active shooter response training; intelligence analysis & fusion; threat mitigation; international security operations; emerging threat detection, mitigation, and SITREP facilitation; and executive leadership briefings and presentation.

Mr. Rondeau is one of the premiere experts in anti-terrorism with over 25 years in the industry. He is a political strategist, author, leader, security consultant, entrepreneur, and opportunity developer. His anti-terrorism and critical infrastructure accomplishments have been featured on MSNBC, FOX, CNN, CBS, ABC, and HSTV.

Mr. Rondeau is often referred to as one of our nation’s most credible conduits between the public and private sectors. His forte is protecting and securing assets while protecting business profitability. This unique, multi-disciplined approach has helped forge his excellent relationship and reputation with DHS, TSA, DOD, and the private sector. Companies trust him with critical information; federal, state, and local agencies rely on his for-profit knowledge; and agencies have again and again recognized Mr. Rondeau for his contributions to the country’s security.

Mr. Rondeau has been protecting the homeland as a senior executive and industry-leading pioneer for decades. His work includes:

  • Two-time Director of the pioneering DHS/TSA, Anti-Terrorism Highway Information Sharing Analysis Center
  • Senior Project Executive for the TSA First Observer Plus Program
  • Senior Project Executive for the Virginia Department of Emergency Management Exercise Program
  • Mission Director, Overseas Security Special Operations – Africa
  • Director of FEMA training and analytical programs
  • Co-Developer of the School Observer Safe School Program
  • Director of Security and Client Services for multiple embassies
  • Former CEO of TSSI-INC, SVP Macfadden Corporation, and VP Alion Science and Technology

In addition, Mr. Rondeau played a key role in the sharing and analysis of open source information and intelligence during the DC-area sniper attacks, Hurricane Katrina, the London bombings, US Special Forces Command PSYOPS efforts, and overseas security operations in Africa. He has been repeatedly credited with identifying people and situations deemed dangerous to the USA.

Mr. Rondeau was responsible for developing a revolutionary technique to mitigate the risk of “lone wolf” violent extremist terrorist attacks through social networking analysis. This new method, called the Terrorism Ideology Counter Communications Strategy (TICCS), has been critically acclaimed by senior homeland security officials.

Through his work mitigating the risk of terrorist attacks, Mr. Rondeau was named Homeland Security Executive of the Year by the Association of Counter-terrorism for Security Professionals (IACSP) and the Department of Homeland Security in 2004. This occasion was amplified by a letter of appreciation from then Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.

In addition to his work in security and anti-terrorism, Mr. Rondeau is passionate about advocating for missing and endangered children. Mr. Rondeau spearheaded multiple human trafficking initiatives, appeared in the Supreme Court of Maryland, and wrote legislation that subsequently became law (“Phylicia’s Law”), saving the lives of countless children.

Mr. Rondeau leverages his security experience and networks to provide solutions to problems faced by children, at-risk communities, and the impoverished. As a result of his efforts, Mr. Rondeau was featured as the subject of the film The Protector about missing and exploited children (2012).

For his work searching for and protecting missing and endangered children, Mr. Rondeau received the Guardian Angel Certificate of Achievement. In addition, Mr. Rondeau also received The President’s Volunteer Service Award, administered on behalf of The White House by the Points of Light Foundation (Award 2985, 2005).

Mr. Rondeau’s education is as thorough as his experience: He holds graduate certificates, diplomas, and completed courses in business, counter-terrorism, emergency management, peacekeeping, project management, paralegal studies, legal investigations, and more from the Tulane Freeman School of Business MBA Cert Program, UN Institute of Training and Research, Harvard Medical School CE, Harvard School of Public Health, The National Preparedness Institute at St. Petersburg College, USDA Graduate School, Georgetown University, FEMA Emergency Management Institute, and the FBI Citizens Academy.