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Get cybersecurity training that allows you and your employees to learn a skill one day and apply it the next. This means cybersecurity courses are only as long as necessary to ensure the learning process is efficient, clear, and concise without impacting quality. Become a cyber professional today!

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Boost learning and retention with interesting quizzes and engaging content. Reinforce concepts while empowering you to be the best defense for your organization's cybersecurity. Make learning “stick” around long enough to be useful. Quizzes strengthen your knowledge and ensure long-term retention.

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Hours of expertly crafted cybersecurity training and curated tools. Interactive cybersecurity training, videos, and materials. All courses, exercises, and tools are provided by CySkills cybersecurity experts, so you and your team have the confidence you need to support your cybersecurity efforts.

Our Most Popular Cybersecurity Courses

CySkills makes it easy to learn something new. Build your knowledge and increase your organization's cybersecurity skills, empowering you and your team to develop faster and more affordably with hands-on learning exercises. Access up-to-date, expert-authored courses, each structured to progress your knowledge and close related skills gaps. Become a cyber professional today!


Creating a Risk-Based Budget for Cybersecurity

This course provides guidance on how to answer such questions as: how to I secure my organization with the current budget I have? How much money should I be budgeting for cybersecurity? If I want to move my organization to a greater level of cybersecurity, how much would that cost?

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Protecting Your Organization from Insider Threats

This course equips students with information about various types of insider threats and approaches to protecting their organizations from such threats.

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Handling Cybersecurity Breaches

This course describes cybersecurity incidents and breaches and provides an understanding how to respond in the event of a breach. Target Audience: Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Executives, Aspiring Cybersecurity Professionals

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Identifying the Right Cybersecurity Tools for Your Environment

This course provides guidance on identifying the right cybersecurity tools to use based upon the existing technology within the environment.

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Cybersecurity 101

This course teaches common terminology used in cybersecurity and describes what constitutes the broad term “cybersecurity.”

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Hiring Cybersecurity Professionals

This course provides insight into how to create position descriptions for cybersecurity roles, and how to identify candidates that meet the requirements for such roles.

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Federal framework or NIST compliance

Cybersecurity Risk Management for Federal Systems

This course provides a synopsis of the governance requirements associated with federal systems and the process for systems receiving an authorization to operate (ATO).

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BEcoming NIST Compliant

Becoming DFARS 252.204-7012/NIST 800-171 Compliant

Description:  This course provides an overview of the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations (DFARS) 252.204-7012 / National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) 800-171 compliance requirements and a process for becoming compliant.

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Preparing for CMMC Certification

This course provides an overview of the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) and how companies can begin to prepare now for receiving certification.

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Becoming a Cybersecurity Professional

This course provides information about possible cybersecurity work roles and the knowledge, skills, abilities and tasks associated with these work roles.

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Be Strategically Postured With Our Professional Training

Make cybersecurity your career or business advantage. All organizations today benefit from cyber professionals with sharpened cybersecurity training. The average cost to a company that falls victim to a malware attack is $2.4 million, in addition to an average of 50 days of lost labor time. With the potential costs so high, mitigating the very real risk of cyber attacks should be among every professional's top priorities.

Tina Williams-Koroma 

Lead Instructor, CySkills.com (a TCecure, LLC solution)

Founder & CEO, TCecure, LLC

Remain vigilant and informed with data-driven, high impact cybersecurity training and exercises.

Great professionals are always learning – it’s what makes them great. But often, the challenge is figuring out what to learn next. Obtaining and maintaining an appropriate cybersecurity risk posture for your organization requires the right curated and applied knowledge to help you stay the course.

Our instructors are the experts. The knowledge shared comes from years of past and ongoing practice as cybersecurity professionals and as executives, entrepreneurs, owners, managers and team leads. We have been, and are, in your shoes, and we teach from that perspective.

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"A great opportunity to learn the cyber security basics and opportunities for small-medium sized business."

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